RST has the largest inventoryof septic tanks in Northwest Indiana. Our plant is in operation 12 months a year!

RST offers a full line of replacement lids. If we don't have what you need, we can make it!

RST offers replacement lids with risers so that NEXT time you won't have to dig when it is time to pump.

RST offers plastic septic tanks ranging from 300 gallons to 1500 Gallon. We also offer plastic dosing tanks and (2) compartment tanks.

RST offers ADS triple wall, SDR 35, SCH 40, fittings, septic fabric, Pumps, Plastic & Concrete D-boxes, and more.

RST offers Infiltrator, the Quickest Drainfield Installation in the Onsite Industry.

RST offers Bumpers.

RST offers bumper delivery and installation.

RST grade rings.