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Pumping & Cleaning

Rensselaer Septic Tanks offers residential and commercial septic tank cleaning. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management suggests that residential tanks be cleaned every 2-3 years. If you have a mound system, it is highly advised to also have your dosing tank cleaned.

Our truck capacity is 3200 gallons and we carry 150 feet of hose. Our technicians are trained to inspect for damaged or missing baffles and can hydro-jet inlet or outlet baffles and lines if required. We also offer replacement lids with "at-grade" access to serve as a reminder of your tank location and future cleaning needs. We promote and offer the use of BIOBUG SEP, the most advanced bacterial re-starter. It restores the natural biological process and boosts the existing biological activity. This is prudent with todays use of anti-bacterial soaps and bleach.

What’s a Hydro-Jetter ?

A machine that produces a high velocity water stream combined with a sufficient water flow to remove debris in sewers, field tiles, and drain pipes. It has the capacity to clean lines ranging from 2" to 24".

How does it work?

A Hydro-Jetter cleans drainage lines by controlling and directing water pressure and flow through a special high pressure hose jet tip. This jet tip directs the water and propels the hose through the drain line. By sending the jet hose to the top of the line and slowly rewinding the hose, the high water pressure and flow cleans the line.

Where are Hydro Jetters used?

FARMING- A Hydro-Jetter can clean field tile, culverts, and catch basins.

RESTAURANTS- Removal of grease in all sizes of lines.

RESIDENTIAL (SEWER)- Jet hoses can be run through stack vents, clean outs and branch vents.

RESIDENTIAL (SEPTIC)- It is very effective to clean/jet all lines leading to and from septic tanks including the distribution box and the entire leach field.

FACTORIES- Jets can clean waste lines, floor drains, and manholes.

INSTITUTIONS- Jets can clean kitchen lines, restroom lines, and parking lot drains.

Also available from Rensselaer Septic Tanks is our Pumper truck. This truck has the ability to pump/clean septic tanks, manholes, car wash basins, & any debris that the Hydro-Jetter removes.

Rensselaer Septic Tanks provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Driver must be paid in full when services rendered.


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Our Residential Septic System Inspection will examine the following: septic tank size, structural integrity, inlet and outlet baffles, guesstimate its last pumping date, locate and examine the distribution box and its integrity, calculate the number and length of each lateral line, calculate the distance the system is from the potable well, and provide a drawing of the system.

A system will fail for any single or combination of the following reasons:

  1. Decrepit tank
  2. Decrepit or missing inlet or outlet baffles
  3. Decrepit distribution box or lack there of a distribution box
  4. A leach system having less than two lateral lines
  5. A leach system containing massive amounts of tree roots or collapsed tile
  6. A leach system that flows to a county or private waterway or tile
  7. An intact leach system that is hydro logically loaded
  8. A potable water well within 100 feet of any part of the septic system

If the septic system passes the inspection, the septic tank will be pumped for NO additional charge.

Rensselaer Septic Tanks has the knowledge and resources for minor repairs of baffles, distribution boxes, and/or the use of our HYDRO-JETTER to open and clean plugged lines. For major repairs, we can suggest local competent contractors.

If the system FAILED and after you have made the necessary corrections, please notify Rensselaer Septic Tanks and we will return to finish the inspection and pump the tank. The fee for this return trip will be an additional charge of $50.

Residential Septic System Inspection fee is $575.00.

An Inspector’s Report, Health Department Form, & a map of your system will be provided.

Please call 219-866-5063 for questions or service.

Lift Station-pump Repair

Rensselaer Septic Tanks is the full service leader for residential and commercial dosing and lift stations.

We are distributors of Hydromatic and Myers pumps with the ability to perform complete replacement of existing systems.

We offer pumps from 1/3 H.P. to 3 H.P. Our technicians have a combined service experience of over 75 years.

Their work is that of form, function, science, and art. No job is too big or too small.

Our services include:

  1. New residential dosing system
  2. New commercial lift stations
  3. Pump sizing
  4. Complete retro fit of failed or failing lift stations
  5. On site service maintenance and PM inspections for all types of waste water systems
  6. On site service repair for all waste water systems
  7. Start up/inspection of new lift stations
  8. Complete motor rebuild and rewind service center up to 125 H.P.
  9. Tank restoration and epoxy coating
  10. Emergency repair service